Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

Hola blog peeps!

Welcome to my new blog, Art With Sprinkles.

For many many moons, I've been thinking about starting a blog where I could share little bits and pieces of the stuff I create, separate from all my roadtrip stuff.

It took me a while to come up with a name for my new blog--oh the names I went through!  FINALLY, "Art With Sprinkles" became THE NAME I wanted to go with.

Art = I am an artist.  I love to create.  What I create is art (at least to me!).  I love sharing what I create.
Sprinkles = I love sprinkles.  I love the word "sprinkles"!  Sprinkles are colorful and fun.  Sprinkles make me happy. 

Art With Sprinkles = my art makes me happy like sprinkles on a cupcake!  

If you want to see what Zip and I are up to on our roadtrips (or things in general), please continue to check out this blog!  :}

If you want to see what art sprinkles I'm cooking up in my studio, be sure to come back often, okay?!  Stay tuned for some "how-to" videos too!

As always, have fun and ONLY eat cupcakes with sprinkles!  Why?  Because, as in life, a cupcake is sooooooo much better with sprinkles on it.

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